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About Us

Quicksilver Audio, Ltd has been locally owned and operated since 1978. Key personnel have been in the audio/ video industry for over 100 years. We have had the opportunity to work on both large and small commercial and residential projects over the last 30 years. The repeat business we provide our clients proves that customer service is our focus. We strive to produce long-term client relationships through careful planning, attention to detail, quality products, experienced installation service, customer training, and ongoing equipment service.


Our goal is to produce long term client relationships by listening carefully; providing industry current options; carefully planning, and paying attention to detail; providing experienced sales and installation service and customer training, with service after the sale.


Best of Show...Parade of Homes 2007


We maintain four unique showrooms and on the main sales floor we have multiple freestanding displays. This allows us to demo equipment and systems as well as give the customer a preview of the system.

For example, in the Main Theater room, you will become immersed in the theater experience of a 235:1 screened, 7.1 THX speaker system, with correct room acoustics, and dedicated theater seating.

QSA has been Green for years

Conserving energy isn’t just good for your conscience and the environment, it’s good for your pocketbook too! Quicksilver gives you the power to be green by helping you manage lighting and temperature control in your home. We can significantly reduce your energy consumption without compromising your lifestyle.

We can automate your lights so they come on when you need them and go off when you don’t.
Lights can be programmed to turn on and off at the appropriate time of day and year in order to reduce waste.

Motion sensors let the system know when to turn lights off in unoccupied rooms.
We can dim lights to reduce energy consumption with the ability to manage energy-saving dimming that is imperceptible to the human eye.

Shades can be automated to open and close with the sunlight to reduce demands on your climate control system.

Thermostats can be programmed to the most efficient temperatures so you can enjoy the convenience of temperature control from virtually anywhere in the world.

How much can you help the environment?

Quicksilver's home control system uses dimmers, timers and occupancy sensors to reduce energy waste. A typical 3-bedroom home with a Control4 system will eliminate over 850 pounds of CO2 emissions each year. That’s like not driving a car for a month! We also let you control the amount of wattage used by light bulbs, which not only saves electricity and reduces energy bills but extends the life of bulbs as well.

Certifications, ETC

  • H.A.A.
  • I.S.F.
  • THX
  • Crestron
  • Control4
  • NuVo
  • G.E. Security
  • Denon C.I.
  • I.S.C.E.T. Journeyman
  • Wa, State Limited Energy Journeyman
  • Beam Vacuum Certification
  • Audio Control...Training in the Rain